Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (2023)

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a single-board computer that was released in June 2019 and is a huge improvement over the previous Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. The new model is being touted as a potential desktop replacement, and with a 4GB RAM option with dual monitor support, it's definitely a possibility. Imagine this: a silent desktop for $35.00 (or actually, the 4GB version is $55.00... but still... that's great).

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (1)

I'm quite addicted to Raspberry Pis myself - I just love them for playing around with different projects. You can do signage for a lobby, you can be a retro gaming console, you can run the Pi-Hole, it's great for prototyping new ideas - the list goes on and on.

But if you're interested in the Raspberry Pi, where do you start? This guide will show you how to get a very simple operating system (Raspbian) running on the Raspberry Pi 4. Once the operating system is installed, you have a solid foundation to build on. Let's begin!

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Download NOOBS and flash the microSD card

What you need to get started (some Amazon affiliate links):

(1)framboesa pi 4– I recommend the 4GB version, but any Raspberry Pi 4 will work fine for this project. I also recommend buying a Raspberry Pi starter kit (my favorite is from CanaKit). The starter kit includes the Pi 4, some heatsinks (necessary because the CPU gets hot), a USB Type-C power adapter, a carrying case, an HDMI cable, and a SanDisk 32GB microSD card with NOOBS preinstalled (so that You can skip the download and install part of this tutorial).
(1)Micro SD card– Must be at least 16GB and works best if you have a Class 10 card.
(1) Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse: Monitor must be HDMI input, keyboard and mouse must be USB.
You will also need a separate computer (I use a Windows 10 PC) to format and update the microSD card.)

If you bought a Raspberry Pi starter kit with NOOBS preinstalled on the microSD card, you can skip this part and go straight to the next step: installing Raspbian.

Let's start with formatting the microSD card. I like to use a free program calledformatter for sd card🇧🇷 Download and install SD card formatter. When starting the program, select the drive with your microSD card.

***NOTE: Double and triple check that you have selected the correct drive. If you format the wrong drive (such as a USB external hard drive), you will lose all data on that drive.

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(Video) Introduction To Raspberry Pi 4 | What Is Raspberry Pi? | Raspberry Pi 4 Explained | Simplilearn

Next we download NOOBS. NOOBS stands for New Out of the Box Software. This is the starting point for beginners. Rather than installing the Raspbian operating system directly, NOOBS is a simple operating system installer that can install not only Raspbian but also a selection of alternative operating systems. It's a great way to learn more about the different operating system installs available for the Raspberry Pi.

Navigate toNOOBS-Downloadseiteand download the zip or torrent file for the full version of NOOBS (not the lite version).

*** NOTE: You must download NOOBS v3.1.1 or later; the older version is not compatible with Raspberry Pi 4.

Extract the downloaded file into its own folder and copy the contents of that folder to the root of your microSD card.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (3)

Insert the microSD card into the Raspberry Pi 4 and connect the monitor, network cable, keyboard and mouse. If you have heatsinks for your Raspberry Pi, install them before turning it on.

If you have a Raspberry Pi case, now would be the time to install the Raspberry Pi 4 in it; However, for my example below, there is no case.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (4)

*** NOTE: If you do not have Ethernet available, the first time you start NOOBS you will be given the option to connect the Raspberry Pi 4 to WiFi.


When you boot for the first time you will see this screen. If you don't have Ethernet plugged in, you may not see all of these options. You can connect the Raspberry Pi 4 to a wireless network by selecting "Wi-Fi Networks".

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (5)

If you're connected via Ethernet or WiFi, check the box next to "Raspbian Full" and click "Install." You will be asked if you really want to install the selected operating system... click "Yes". Raspbian now. Install on PC.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (6)

When the installation is complete, click OK and your Raspberry Pi will reboot. When you boot for the first time, you will be presented with a splash screen and a startup wizard. Note that your IP address is displayed on this screen. Click Next to start the wizard.

(Video) Raspberry Pi - All You Need To Know

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (7)

In the first step of the wizard, you need to enter your country and time zone. Enter the appropriate information and click Next.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (8)

Next we need to change our default password. It is better to use something STRONG. Finally, click on “Next”.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (9)

If you want to click on a wireless network, select your network from the list, enter the password and click Next. Otherwise, you can click Skip if you don't want to connect to a wireless network.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (10)

Now it's time to update the software. Click next'. However, when I originally did this, I got an error... don't worry, we'll update it manually next.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (11)
Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (12)

Now the setup wizard is complete. Click "Reboot" to restart the Raspberry Pi.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (13)
(Video) What Is Raspberry Pi? | Raspberry Pi Explained | Raspberry Pi Tutorial for Beginners | Simplilearn

update the software

After the Raspberry Pi has restarted and is online again, let's update the software.

Open a terminal window (click the terminal icon in the top left corner) or press CTRL+ALT+T as a keyboard shortcut.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (14)

In the terminal, run the following commands:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update -y

When you run sudo apt-get update you might get an error similar to the error we got during the initialization wizard (something about changing the value from "test" to "stable". If that happens, just press Y to accept the error and move forward.

That should take care of all updates.

Remote access and configuration for Raspberry Pi

Next, let's clean up some things, including enabling SSH and VNC remote connectivity. Click on the Raspberry Pi icon in the top right corner and select Settings -> Raspberry Pi Settings.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (15)

On the first tab, review the options. Here we can choose to boot from the CLI instead of the desktop, we can set the system hostname and disable automatic desktop login. For security reasons, it is recommended to disable this setting. Now when the system reboots, you will be asked for the username and password to login.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (16)

Click on the "Interfaces" tab and select "Enable" next to "SSH and VNC". SSH allows us remote CLI access to the Raspberry Pi, and VNC allows us to open a remote desktop withVNC-Visier🇧🇷 Click OK to finish.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (17)
(Video) Introduction to Raspberry Pi ,its components and Interfaces

Now you can access the server using VNC and SSH. Let's test our SSH connection. I will get dressedKittto connect Windows. Open Putty and enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Then click "Open" to connect.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (18)

If you get a security warning, just click Yes. Login as user "pi" with the password you set during the initialization wizard.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (19)

Now let's log in with VNC. Load the firstVNC-Visierand install it. Start VNC Viewer and select CTRL+N to create a new connection (or click File -> New Connection).

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (20)

For the VNC server, enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Enter a descriptive name for the connection under Name. Finally, click OK.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (21)

Double click on your new VNC connection and you will be asked for a password. Use "pi" as the username and password you set up in the setup wizard.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (22)

Happy Birthday! You should now be connected to your Raspberry Pi desktop.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 4 (23)

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What is Raspberry Pi give a brief introduction? ›

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

What are the benefits of Raspberry Pi 4? ›

How Does Raspberry Pi 4 Improve on Other Models? The most important new features are the faster processor, a 1.5-GHz Broadcom CPU and GPU, more and faster RAM, the addition of USB 3 ports, dual micro HDMI ports (instead of a single HDMI connection) and support for 4K output.

Why are all Raspberry Pi 4s out of stock? ›

The great Raspberry Pi shortage started at the beginning of 2021, due to a mismatch of supply and demand. Since then, eager makers have been forced to turn to the second-hand market, or exorbitantly overpriced examples from resellers on Amazon.

Why is there a Raspberry Pi 4 shortage? ›

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton has attributed this shortage to disruptions along the supply chain and the "significantly increased demand" for Pi models. Another reason why individual customers might not be able to buy Raspberry Pi models may be due to preference being given to commercial and industrial users.

What are the four main features of Raspberry Pi? ›

This product's key features include a high-performance 64-bit quad-core processor, dual-display support at resolutions up to 4K via a pair of micro-HDMI ports, hardware video decode at up to 4Kp60, up to 4GB of RAM, dual-band 2.4/5.0 GHz wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and PoE capability (via a ...

What is Raspberry Pi mainly used for? ›

All over the world, people use the Raspberry Pi to learn programming skills, build hardware projects, do home automation, implement Kubernetes clusters and Edge computing, and even use them in industrial applications.

What are two advantages of using Raspberry Pi? ›

The Raspberry Pi is perfect for adaptive technology and it is able to display images or play videos i.e.; at high-definition resolution to building systems such as prototyping embedded systems. This product makes it possible to build complex and effective at a cheaper price.

Why we should use Raspberry Pi? ›

The Raspberry Pi Zero can create a wireless print server that can turn a printer with only a wired Ethernet network connection into a printer that's accessible over Wi-Fi. Administrators can also use the Raspberry Pi as a controller to show statistics or messages on an external screen without running a full-blown PC.

Can a Raspberry Pi 4 overheat? ›

A reported issue with Raspberry Pi can be overheating, with a resulting loss of performance, when the board is exposed to high temperatures. All electrical devices are qualified to a specific operating temperature range at which the device will work effectively.

Will there be a Raspberry Pi 5? ›

In theory, the Raspberry Pi 5 could appear at any point in 2023. However, this is unlikely. Recent reports suggest the Raspberry Pi 5's release date won't be until 2024.

Will Raspberry Pi shortage end? ›

Upton said he's confident supplies will recover to pre-pandemic levels in the second quarter of 2023, and by the second half of the year will be "unlimited." Still, the RPi company "will continue to actively manage our commercial and industrial customers through 2023," Upton said.

Is Raspberry Pi 4 discontinued? ›

RS Group has stopped the manufacture of Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Why Raspberry Pi is not used in industry? ›

RPi boards lack USB header connectors, which makes it impossible to connect sensors, modems, etc. via USB connection. This forces developers to connect those peripherals via USB cable (not the recommended way, particularly not for industrial applications).

Will Raspberry Pi ever be back in stock? ›

Supply will be "unlimited" in the second half of 2023. This gradual return to pre-pandemic levels for single-unit sales is happening alongside Raspberry Pi's efforts to clear its commercial customer order backlogs.

How does a raspberry work? ›

The Raspberry Pi is a debit card-sized low-cost computer that connects to a computer Desktop or TV and uses a standard mouse and Keyboard. It has a dedicated processor, memory, and a graphics driver, just like a PC. It also comes with its operating system, Raspberry Pi OS, a modified version of Linux.

What is the basic architecture of Raspberry Pi? ›

The Raspberry Pi has CPU, RAM and GPU in one component called System on Chip (SoC). It uses an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz CPU which is single core and also has a co-processor for floating point calculations. The working memory in Raspberry pi is 512 MB SDRAM.

What is pi short answer? ›

Succinctly, pi—which is written as the Greek letter for p, or π—is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Regardless of the circle's size, this ratio will always equal pi. In decimal form, the value of pi is approximately 3.14.

What are 2 interesting facts about pi? ›

Pi, or π, never changes. It's the ratio of the distance around any circle to the circle's diameter and is always 3.14… . A mathematician named Lambert also showed in 1761 that the number pi was irrational; that is, it cannot be written as a fraction by normal standards.

Is Raspberry Pi good for beginners? ›

A popular and accessible example is the Raspberry Pi. First released in 2012, it was designed to make computer science education accessible to people all over the world. It has a global community and a wide range of accessories that make physical computing more accessible for beginners.

What programming language does Raspberry Pi use? ›

C or C++ are generally one of the three languages that's most widely used on the Raspberry Pi, the other being Python.

What are the capabilities of Raspberry Pi? ›

The raspberry pi doesn't have analog static RAM inputs, it has 512 Mb – 4Gb RAM, has USB, camera, display, audio, and video connections, and it uses a micro SD card as an operating system. 1).

Can you use a Raspberry Pi as an everyday computer? ›

As mentioned earlier, a Raspberry Pi works just fine for everyday computing tasks such as web browsing and office applications.

How did Raspberry Pi change the world? ›

Raspberry Pi has helped kick-start a renewed interest in coding for young people through the development of online resources, coding clubs, programmes and competitions, which have reached millions of people from more than 100 countries.

Is Raspberry Pi 4 worth it? ›

The $55 4 GB model is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone looking to use the Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer, for machine learning projects, robotics, or a web server. Most people can skip the $75 8 GB model unless you want to run virtual machines or a database server.

Why is a Raspberry Pi better than a computer? ›

The most recent Raspberry Pi has many more ports than the previous models. It contains an ethernet port, 4 USB ports, 2 HDMI outputs, 1 audio port, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities. There may be certain functions missing when compared to a typical PC such as additional USB ports and ports for HDD/SSD/SATA hard drives.

How much RAM can a Raspberry Pi 4 have? ›

Raspberry Pi 4 RAM Options: 2GB, 4GB & 8GB |

How much RAM can you put in a Raspberry Pi 4? ›

Your choice of RAM

We're making different variants of the Raspberry Pi 4 available, depending on how much RAM you need — 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB.

How many GB do you need for Raspberry Pi 4? ›

Keep in mind, to install the official Raspbian OS you'll need at least an 8GB microSD card whereas Raspbian Lite you'll need a minimum 4GB. Raspbian is the recommended OS by the Raspberry Pi Foundation although you can run many different operating systems including various Linux distributions.

Does NASA use Raspberry Pi? ›

Landing on Mars

Engineers use pi to help estimate the amount of uncertainty in the position where a Mars lander or rover will touch down.

Can Arduino replace Raspberry Pi? ›

Arduino is considered a very good board for quick programming and circuit prototyping. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi functions as a learning tool for Computer Programming. However, Raspberry is found useful in many DIY projects as well.

What is more powerful than a Raspberry Pi? ›

ASUS Tinker Board S

It has a powerful quad-core ARM-based processor, the Rockchip RK3288, which provides better performance than other such boards. Similar in terms of looks with the Raspberry Pi, the board has a 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC storage and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet.

Why do Raspberry Pis cost so much now? ›

"Demand for Raspberry Pi products increased sharply from the start of 2021 onwards, and supply constraints have prevented us from flexing up to meet this demand, with the result that we now have significant order backlogs for almost all products.

Can Raspberry Pi run for years? ›

Re: Run raspberrypi for Long Duration

You can run any Pi for as long as you like (I once saw a lifetime quote of 40 years perhaps down to 35 years if over-clocked). Mine only ever get rebooted for a new kernel or new OS, otherwise they are all on 24/7.

Can you leave a Raspberry Pi running 24 7? ›

Yes, Raspberry Pi can handle 24/7 run time when used with proper linear power supply which must be regulated through DC adapter or any good quality battery supply. Components or other electronics parts won't get fried until and unless you provide wrong power supply or more voltage than recommended.

What is better then a Raspberry Pi 4? ›

ODROID N2+ Odroid N2+ is one of the best single-board computers out there and easily rivals Raspberry Pi 4 in terms of both specs and pricing. The N2+ comes with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 CPU with a dual-core Cortex-A53 cluster integrated into the main board which is clocked at 1.8GHz.

Can Raspberry Pi 4 Replace PC? ›

With programming, everything is quite good. Of course, the Raspberry Pi can't replace most professional desktops, but in general, it can run almost all programming languages and frameworks, from Python to Fortran.

Can Raspberry Pi 4 Netflix? ›

We found this plugin combined with Kodi is one of the best ways of getting Netflix to run on your Raspberry Pi. Alternatively you can run Netflix within the Chromium web browser, all you need to do is install the Widevine DRM package to your Raspberry Pi.

What is the lifespan of Raspberry Pi? ›

The Raspberry Pi lifespan is said to be around 7-10 years. The usual reason for major damage is due to a user's lack of care with the device. Users don't protect the device from power breakdowns and SD card failures, or it is kept in a rough environment.

Is Raspberry Pi a security risk? ›

The first and most significant security risk with running Raspberry Pi OS is the default password. A quick search on the internet will allow anyone to find the default password in seconds, so changing the password is critical.

Why is Python best for Raspberry Pi? ›

The Raspberry Pi Foundation specifically selected Python as the main language because of its power, versatility, and ease of use. Python comes preinstalled on Raspbian, so you'll be ready to start from the get-go. You have many different options for writing Python on the Raspberry Pi.

What is the Raspberry Pi used for? ›

All over the world, people use the Raspberry Pi to learn programming skills, build hardware projects, do home automation, implement Kubernetes clusters and Edge computing, and even use them in industrial applications.

What is Raspberry Pi and how does it work? ›

The Raspberry Pi is a debit card-sized low-cost computer that connects to a computer Desktop or TV and uses a standard mouse and Keyboard. It has a dedicated processor, memory, and a graphics driver, just like a PC. It also comes with its operating system, Raspberry Pi OS, a modified version of Linux.

What is the main purpose of pi? ›

The number π is defined to equal the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter across. This ratio is constant. No matter what size of the circle we try this with, that number will be always the same. It begins 3.141592653589, and it keeps going.

What is the basic functionality of Raspberry Pi? ›

Earlier, the Raspberry Pi was used to teach basic computer science in schools but later, because of its low cost and open design, the model became far more popular than anticipated. It is widely used to make gaming devices, fitness gadgets, weather stations, and much more.

What are 3 facts about pi? ›

To mark the day, here are 10 interesting facts about Pi:

Interestingly, legendary mathematician Albert Einstein's birth anniversary falls on Pi day. Pi is a part of Egyptian mythology. It is being said that the Pyramids of Giza are built with the principles of Pi. The value of the Pi was first calculated by Archimedes.

What pi stands for? ›

Pi is an abbreviation of the Greek periphereia, "periphery." Definitions of pi. the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle; approximately equal to 3.14159265358979323846... type of: transcendental number. an irrational number that is not algebraic.

Why does NASA use pi? ›

Engineers use pi to put spacecraft into orbit around other planets. To do this, they have to slow down the spacecraft just enough and at exactly the right time for it to get pulled into orbit by the planet's gravity.


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