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  • As a driver, you know that there are minor risks that can occur behind the wheel of your vehicle. For example, it is no longer individual that a flat tire causes you to pull over to the side of the road or that your transmission fails at the worst possible time. While solutions to these types of problems are generally simple, the downside is that minor drivability issues can be a huge inconvenience and costly. And in some cases, it can even be dangerous to deal with it if you are not a professional. Fortunately, you have the option of calling roadside assistance in emergencies like this, but it can get expensive.

    For this reason, some drivers opt for roadside assistance plans. These plans are used to cover the expense of certain types of roadside emergencies, and while they are usually optional, they can also be worthwhile for some drivers. For example, the average price of a trailer across the country is about $109, or between $2.50 and $7.00 per mile, which means that a single trailer should offset the cost of roadside assistance per mile. 12 months or more.

    What is roadside assistance?

    Roadside assistance is a provider that provides physical and financial assistance to drivers when their car breaks down. This support or membership is usually provided for an annual fee. It offers two main advantages:

    • First, policyholders buy roadside assistance providers in the tournament their car breaks down. Services may include delivering gas, fixing a flat tire, or towing to a supplier's factory if the problem cannot be resolved immediately.
    • Second, roadside assistance helps reduce the cost of an unexpected breakdown. Similar to car insurance, roadside assistance policyholders pay a fee or premium to the service provider. In the event of a breakdown, the driver no longer has to pay out of pocket for the rescue services received, as long as they are within the coverage limit. To put it in perspective when your vehicle breaks down and you want to get it towed to a restoration shop. If your roadside assistance plan covers towing, you may be able to tow your vehicle beyond the cost.

    What does roadside assistance cover?

    If you opt for travel assistance, the following coverage may also be included:

    • Fan
    • Transport assistance for driver and stranded passengers
    • battery start
    • tire change
    • lock service
    • gas delivery
    • Winch to remove a stuck vehicle

    What differentiates Travel Assistance from other coverages?

    Roadside assistance is unique to other types of coverage you may receive under vehicle insurance or a manufacturer's warranty. The basic auto insurance plan usually only covers the amount of accidental injury repair, and emergency response is not covered. Warranties will restore or replace faulty components on your new vehicle; However, with the exception of a few rare cases, flat tires and empty gas tanks are now not covered.

    Remember that you can often purchase a roadside assistance form from your insurance provider or vehicle manufacturer to supplement your current provider. You benefit from the convenience and savings of bundling roadside assistance with more than one offering from the same provider. Just research before deciding on a design to see if you're getting the best price and service.

    Why is roadside assistance important?

    Imagine this: you are driving in an unfamiliar place at night when you suddenly hear the wonderful pop and hiss of your flat tire. Without roadside assistance, you would be stuck on the side of the road trying to change a tire yourself in the dark. But when you need roadside assistance, help is just a phone call away. An expert will be sent to your location immediately to rescue you and your car.

    The three most common types of roadside assistance calls are dead batteries, flat tires, and roadblocks. Many airlines also offer a number of beneficial emergency services, such as: B. Fuel delivery when you run out of gas. If your car is no longer drivable, the roadside assistance software will take care of all or part of your towing bill to the nearest service center. Without roadside assistance, that amount alone could easily add up to many pocket dollars.

    Everyone thinks of roadside assistance, but it's an even more important service for the following people:

    • Old people
    • Travelers driving more than 20 miles a day
    • Young drivers and new graduates
    • Parents with babies or young children
    • Anyone with a physical disability.
    • Older vehicle drivers (12 years or older)
    • People who live in remote areas.
    • Travelers who frequently travel long distances

    roadside assistance functions

    Roadside assistance is a service that helps motorists who need to take their broken down vehicle to the road or garage for repairs. Road attendants are road managers and patrolmen, as well as dispatchers and technicians. They work for towing companies, insurance companies, corporations and car clubs. States mandate roadside assistance to ensure the safety of the public on highways and major thoroughfares. Roadside assistance work:

    • HR manager

    Human resource managers manage dispatchers, usually call center employees, who provide towing or mechanical assistance for disabled drivers. HR managers create and change work schedules. They ensure that the name centers are staffed 24/7 to handle emergencies 24/7. You see family members working with dispatchers working together and resolving call center issues. They also train dispatchers and hire temporary workers if needed.

    HR managers are managers, some with high-level roles. As such, recruiters seem to hire people with four years of service and some previous managerial experience.

    • Public safety assistant on the road

    States appoint highway guards to their public protection departments. One might even work as an impartial roadside assistance contractor. From typical employees to impartial contractors, these roadside people patrol critical highways and back roads, ready to assist stopped drivers, request dead engine towing services, or clean up debris and other road hazards. They usually diagnose and repair minor mechanical problems and transport drivers to garages or repair shops. State and local authorities rely on you to distract visitors from accident scenes or to provide critical first aid to injured drivers in an emergency.

    In addition to some basic mechanical knowledge, public protection breakdown workers need a valid driver's license and a basic driver's license. They also have background checks that weed out applicants with poor criminal records or employment records.

    • Roadside Assistance: Dispatcher

    A dispatcher is often a distressed driver's first connection to a roadside assistance service. AAA screens dispatchers to find out where drivers are stuck and get important information about their disabled vehicles. They also suggest to drivers how to stay safe until help arrives. They send first responders to start the cars or tow them to the garage for repairs. Some employers call on dispatchers as consultants for emergency route providers. Call centers where dispatchers typically work may refer to them as call attendants.

    Dispatchers must be able to speak clearly and politely with drivers. And because their job may involve administrative tasks, they want basic laptop and writing skills. They often have to work on weekends and evenings, so they need to have flexible working hours.

    • travel assistance technician

    According to, emergency roadside technicians help drivers with mechanical problems with their vehicles. They perform simple diagnostic and repair tactics once they determine what mechanical disasters have occurred. If they can't fix a broken vehicle, they tow it to a garage for further diagnosis. Technicians also charge batteries, change tires and disconnect vehicle locks. They are on call 24/7, which means they have to work nights, weekends and holidays.

    Technicians must be able to operate a crane and perform simple mechanical repairs. Employers require them to skip historical exams and have excellent driving records. Technicians can also become certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence.

    Where can you get roadside assistance?

    Travel assistance is optional insurance. There are several approaches to getting roadside assistance. Consider the following locations for coverage:

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    Car insurance:One of the easiest ways to get roadside assistance is through your car insurance. It can be added to your month-to-month rewards. Some companies may also include roadside assistance as part of a comprehensive vehicle insurance package.

    Member organizations:Organizations like AAA and Good Sam specialize in roadside assistance. AAA has only sixty-one million members. Membership can also consist of other benefits such as tours and DMV services.

    car manufacturer:If you plan to buy a certified new or used vehicle, you can also purchase free roadside assistance during the warranty period. Honda Roadside Assistance lasts for three years or 36,000 miles. Kia is 60 months at 60,000 miles.

    Credit card company:There are quality credit cards with 24/7 roadside assistance for cardholders. Visa offers road insurance for a fixed price of $69.95 per service. The Mastercard provider RoadAssist offers services for a pre-negotiated fee.

    What is the roadside assistance business?

    A roadside assistance company is a company that helps drivers who are stuck on the road due to a broken down vehicle. This help may include offering gas, fixing flat tires, providing jump starting, or towing the car to a nearby mechanic if a roadside repair is not possible. A roadside assistance company generates revenue by accruing fees for offering these services.

    Opportunities to become a roadside assistance provider

    To become a roadside assistance provider, you can start your own roadside assistance business or apply to the service provider community by completing the service requirements of the AAA or other organizations. You can easily earn money for your business!

    How much does it cost to start a roadside assistance business?

    If you prefer to start a business in the future with a flat crane from a new manufacturer and not finance or lease it, budget at least $75,000. If you finance or lease your vehicle, you can also drastically reduce that amount to just a few thousand dollars.

    The price of starting a roadside assistance business largely depends on the cost of your tow truck. There are other expenses such as equipment, permits and licenses, insurance, etc., but the biggest asset will be your truck, so let's get to that first.

    At a minimum, you'll need a basic pickup truck with a hitch that has enough towing capacity to get most cars where you want to go. Striving for the best today, many roadside assistance companies now use flatbed tow trucks.

    What equipment do I need for my roadside assistance business?

    In addition to getting a crane, you need some essential tools to deal with the problems you face every day helping customers. Here is a list of basic tools to consider for your roadside assistance business.

    • Good set of basic connectors.
    • flashlight
    • Screwdriver
    • A lightweight aluminum jack
    • battery tests
    • Booster pack and long jumper cables
    • 2 gallon gas can
    • Gloves
    • Torque Wrench
    • Impact gun that cracks all nuts
    • tire pressure gauge
    • Tire inflators if you offer this service
    • Crowbar for stubborn nuts
    • Wheel chock to protect the car when the car is on a sloped road
    • Knee Pads for Comfort - You'll be spending a lot of time on your knees while changing tires, etc.

    Steps to Start a Roadside Assistance Business

    Step 1: Do a market analysis

    The first step is to do some basic market research to determine if a roadside assistance company is viable in your neighborhood.

    You might as well spend a lot of money and time building this business, so don't go into it blindly.

    Identify your market

    The first step in market research is to locate your market. You want to know who your customers are and if they are enough to help your business.

    If you are close to busy highways or other busy main thoroughfares, chances are there is enough demand for roadside assistance services. The same applies if you are operating near large population centers.

    However, if you live in a remote and sparsely populated area, there may not be enough demand for your services anymore. You can start studying the demographics of your area by visiting

    But determining need is no longer enough. You also want to look at your competition.

    Do competitive analysis

    If you're going to be the only game in town, that's a good sign. But in most cases it will be a diploma of competence. If you stay in your target area, you will likely know who your main competitors will be. But for an additional full experience of the competition, you can head to Google.

    For example, you can type in "roadside assistance companies near me" or "towing services near me" and Google will return a list of nearby businesses that match your search, along with a map with pins. organizations are located.

    You can also go to Yelp and type in a similar search. Between the two, you should be able to get a respectable sense of the aggressive landscape in your area.

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    When there is a lot of resistance and many organizations have gone bankrupt, it can be a warning sign that the competition will be fierce and very difficult to beat.

    Market research tips and resources

    There are many other market research resources as well. Check out this list of market research sources provided by the SBA to discover additional options.

    Step 2 - Start your business

    If your market analysis is successful, the next step is to build your roadside assistance business.

    Choosing a name and logo

    This consists of choosing the appropriate title and logo. As for the logo, you can go to and check out some of the logo templates and go from there. It's a free option, but you have to customize the logo templates to your liking. If you opt for a more prepared solution, you can outsource this task.

    Create your company website

    Your company wants a website. It doesn't have to be very fancy or worth a lot of money to set it up. There are many resources that can help you with this.

    List your business so customers can find you

    It is also important that your roadside assistance service appears on Google. You can do this through a checklist on Google My Business. By doing this, you can be found by people looking for businesses like yours in your neighborhood.

    Establishment of your business unit

    You may also want to incorporate a business entity such as an LLC, corporation or partnership. In most cases, forming a business entity can help protect some of your property outside the business entity if there is a claim against the entity. However, this costs money and can have tax implications. Therefore, you should seek the advice of a qualified tax and crime professional to help you resolve the issues.

    Step 3: Create a roadside assistance business plan

    A business diagram is actually a road map for your business.

    Organize your thoughts about your business into an actionable plan. Some things to include in your roadside assistance business diagram are budget, determining your target market and your competition, promotional strategy, pricing strategy, operating plans and growth projections.

    Don't worry too much about making your perfect business outline. I would use it more as an organizational tool at this point. You can polish later if needed.

    Another benefit of a business chart is that it can help you raise money from banks and investors. This may also be necessary if your business has excessive incorporation fees (i.e. if you plan on having a few cranes, a warehouse and machine shop, etc.).

    But if you go this route, you'll need to refine your business plan: These people will choose to see a professional looking business design as part of their loan or investment process.

    Don't know how to start? The Small Business Administration has a brilliant device you can use to write your business plan.

    Step 4: Buy the right vehicle and equipment

    The next step is to purchase (or lease) your crane and associated equipment. We've covered each of these issues in previous articles, so I won't repeat that. Make sure you have satisfactory and viable offers ready.

    Step 5: Obtain the appropriate licenses, permits and insurance

    In many cases, you will need an Industrial Driver's License (CDL) to drive a tow truck.

    There may also be other licenses that allow you to operate a roadside assistance business, so check your kingdom and local laws and regulations.

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    Most states require at least a current business license, but depending on the scope of your activities, your jurisdiction may require more. A good starting point is the nearest district office. As you can imagine, working for a commercial roadside assistance company can be extremely risky. He is on the highway driving a heavy vehicle. Accidents and various breakdowns can happen.

    Step 6 - Configure Leads for Jobs

    A regular supply of work is critical to the continued success of your roadside assistance business. Fortunately, there are many preferences you can exploit to ensure new jobs come in.

    One of the basic ways to get a job is to work with insurance companies and car clubs. When they receive a name from an idle customer, they use their corporate community to manage the support request.

    Step 7: Hire employees (if needed) and start your business

    The final step is to hire staff (assuming you don't want to run this as a stand-alone operation). Key roles, which may also require staff, include a dispatcher, a tow truck driver (who must also be able to fix major car issues on the spot), and a mechanic (if you also offer these types of deals) . I would like).

    Remember that you must comply with anti-discrimination laws when hiring these people, and you must set up a compliant payroll system.

    Some of the things that should potentially impact your bottom line are how well you market your business, how many jobs you can land on a permanent basis, whether or not you have employees, and how well you manage your ongoing overheads.

    How Much Money Can You Make With Roadside Assistance?

    While there is no absolutely accurate revenue data for a roadside assistance company, I was able to find some surprisingly reliable statistics for tow truck operators. As you can imagine, a big part of roadside assistance is being able to tow a stranded car to the local repair shop, so I think that's an extremely accurate proxy.

    According to Ziprecruiter, the typical statewide salary for a crane owner is $88,156, which works out to about $42 an hour.

    What is AAA roadside assistance?

    The American Automobile Association (AAA, in many cases referred to as "Triple A") is an association of motor golf teams in North America. The AAA is a private, not-for-profit national association and service corporation with more than 60 million members in the United States and Canada. The AAA presents offers to its affiliates consisting of roadside assistance and other services. Its national headquarters are in Heathrow, Florida.

    AAA clubs, in particular, offer members emergency services on the go. These services, including towing, blocking, towing, tire changing, car first aid, battery replacement, and more, are performed by local privately affiliated towing companies with the help of an AAA state club. AAA sells roadside assistance for a variety of motor vehicles, including motorcycles. In some areas, AAA also offers roadside assistance for bicycles. Many AAA clubs have a vehicle fleet department that serves major metropolitan areas, while private towing companies cover excess calls with local help. Some clubs have implemented an "on-the-fly" diagnostic/installer for car batteries.

    The American Auto Association or AAA offers various roadside assistance services such as: B. Towing, gas delivery and repair of flat tires. Many of AAA's roadside assistance professionals are local contractors, so if you own a towing company, you can get your quotes. If you sign up for the Contractors Network and meet the AAA requirements for services, you can easily earn money for your business!

    Many of AAA's roadside assistance teams are small, local businesses. So, if you own a towing business, you can offer your services. You can easily earn money for your business by using the service provider network and qualifying for AAA services!

    So it would help if you did the following:

    • Apply for a job on the Contractors Network.
    • Make sure your towing insurance is up to date.
    • Confirm that you and your drivers have all necessary licenses.
    • Fill out the AAA form at your local AAA club office and have the AAA inspect your cars and buildings.
    • It may take up to 2 weeks for the AAA to respond.
    • People who want to become roadside assistance service providers must apply to the industry service network. On the other hand, it must meet a set of AAA requirements for the services.

    The American Automobile Association offers a variety of roadside assistance services. These offers include flat tire repair, towing and fuel delivery.

    Many of AAA's roadside assistance professionals are small local businesses that can offer their services as long as you own or work with a towing company. When we are travelling, call the provider immediately so they can help us if we have a problem.

    At that point, that provider will do their best to resolve the issue over the phone. If they don't figure it out, they'll send us a contractor. This contractor crosses the vehicle or truck and tows it to the nearest dealership. This matches your service requirements. This guide explains how to become a roadside assistant.

    Steps to Becoming an AAA Roadside Assistance Provider

    1. Make sure you have all the necessary permits.

    Most states require toll management, personal property, and consent towing. Some states or cities may also require additional permits and licenses. Therefore, contact your city or county office to see what other licenses may also be required. Make sure your other licenses are up to date and renew them if necessary.

    • A fee management system allows vehicles to be towed by officers.
    • You may tow vehicles on private property without the owner's consent, as long as approved by the parking lot owner.
    • Towing permits with consent are used to tow engines with the owner's permission.
    • Make copies of your licenses and purchase the originals in a safe place in your office.
    2. Make sure your towing insurance is up to date.

    Check whether your towing insurance is up to date or not. Check with your insurance agency now or find out online if you are still covered by legal liability insurance. Make sure your insurance plan is up to date. Otherwise, get new coverage as soon as possible and protect yourself against possible losses that may occur in the future.

    As most people now realize, if you don't have insurance or if your insurance coverage has expired, someone else can claim responsibility for your accidental injuries, just as happens when vehicles are at fault because the drivers of those cars have no legal liability. appropriate for personal injury and safety requirements.

    Get insurance that covers more than you need for your towing business as it will help your business image.

    3. Confirm that you and your drivers have all necessary licenses.

    Tow trucks require a category B commercial driver's license, when driving a common vehicle such as a B. a car requires a category A driving license (CDL). Make sure you and your work permits are all state-of-the-art and Class B certified. If you haven't already, renew your licenses before applying for jobs with AAA contracts.

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    Here you can discuss more about how to renew your license and what permits are required in your area.

    4. Complete the AAA form at your local AAA club office

    Go to the AAA office closest to your towing company. Be sure to bring originals or copies of all your permits, licenses and insurance policies. Tell them you want to request roadside assistance and fill out the assistance form while you're in the office.

    If you don't know where the nearest AAA association is, go to the AAA website and enter your zip code to locate the office.

    5. Allow the AAA to visit your facility to inspect your vehicles and buildings.

    While the AAA association is reviewing your application, an advisor may also request a visit to your towing center, take pictures of your vehicles, and request a fraud history check for your employees. Provide any requests the AAA provider requests while they are there.

    • Providing the requirements requested by the AAA does not guarantee that you will be established as a contractor until you can evaluate the material.
    • If the AAA consultant requests pre-tests for you or your employees, be sure to provide a copy of your driver's license (front and back), date of birth, social security number and current residential address.
    6. Allow up to two weeks for AAA updates.

    Have the AAA inspect your company's vehicles and facilities. While the AAA Club is reviewing your application, an advisor may also request a visit to your towing company, photos of your cars, and criminal background checks on your employees. While you're there, follow the requirements set by the AAA provider.

    If the AAA Advisor requests proof of inheritance for you or your associates, please provide a copy of your driver's license (front and back), date of issue, social security number and current address.

    7. Display the AAA logo on your company and vehicles.

    Once you become a AAA contractor, market your new services by placing the badge on your company business card and on each of your cranes. Secure it in a large enough place, e.g. B. in the top corner of your company card or on your vehicle door.

    8. Search your phone and the web for AAA contracts.

    Most contracts you buy from AAA come via smartphone calls or emails. Make sure you keep your phone tracks open as much as possible and test your email several times an hour. Allow email notifications to appear on your desktop or phone so you don't have to keep a browser window open on your computer. . AAA serves drivers any time of day, any day of the year. In all cases, make sure you always have someone available to answer late night emergency calls.

    9. Respond quickly to service calls to keep customers happy.

    Whenever you receive a name from AAA, try to respond as quickly as possible to the driver you need. Upon arrival, be friendly and immediately ask what the problem is. Work quickly and efficiently so that customers feel comfortable with your service. Work with your employees to determine how to handle situations as they arise. For example, make sure all your employees continue to behave in a friendly and helpful manner when working with a challenging customer.

    10. Offer additional help, eg. B. Gasoline delivery, tire change and battery service.

    Since all nearby contractors are contacted when a car calls AAA, providing additional services gives you more commercial business opportunities. If you haven't already, consider delivering fuel to people who have run out of gas, fixing flat tires and changing batteries as part of the services you offer. Most AAA contractors are obligated to provide these services at all times.

    How much do AAA contractors earn?

    AAA independent contractors earn $111,000 annually, or $53 an hour. That's 74% more than the national average of $51,000 a year and 51% more than the national average for all American workers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • What is the best roadside assistance?

    There are a large number of roadside assistance organizations on the market to choose from. The best one for you will be determined based on your specific needs and the sketch and sample that can meet those needs.

    • Where can you get roadside assistance?

    Roadside assistance can be purchased through companies such as AAA or AARP, but also through some car insurance agencies as a supplement to regular car insurance.

    • When can I get roadside assistance?

    Most roadside assistance plans generally offer 24/7 access to coverage, regardless of holidays or time of year. Typically, you can use this ability anytime, any day of the week. However, wait times can vary, and if you are in a location with fewer restored retail stores or towing services, you may also have to wait longer for service. It is also worth noting that roadside assistance is generally no longer covered for robots with your auto insurance policy and may also require a separate purchase.

    • Can roadside assistance be used for vehicles other than mine?

    Yes, in most cases you can use your roadside assistance for cars that you don't own. This is because many of the standard roadside assistance plans cover the person, not the vehicle. In other words, if you have a roadside assistance plan, you can probably use that provider when you're behind the wheel, whether you're driving your own vehicle or not. However, it's usually worth checking with the provider to ensure you're entitled to roadside assistance when you need it most.

    • Is roadside assistance the same as towing?

    Roadside assistance is also sometimes called towing and labor insurance. Roadside assistance covers the towing fee up to a certain distance. So if you break down on the side of the road, roadside assistance will help get you to a mechanic or other safe location.

    • Can you be a AAA contractor with no cranes and just service units?

    Yes, it is possible to act as a contractor. Just register with AAA.

    • How old do my trucks have to be to be a AAA towing company?

    AAA prefers a truck less than 5 years old; They also choose contractors who have a superior fleet.

    • How much does roadside assistance cost?

    Prices for repair quotes are around $40 and $155 for subscribers. This is decided based on the car's problem or its location.

    • What is the process for requesting roadside assistance?

    An owner can also request digital roadside assistance from AAA in a number of ways, the quickest and most convenient being the AAA online roadside assistance application. Alternatively, you can send HELP to 800-222-4357.

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    • How much does it cost if you need it right away?

    Basic repairs are listed on their website for $75. Towing costs start at $100 for more than ten miles.

    • What is the best roadside assistance?

    What is offered for stranded drivers includes battery service, towing, customer service, locksmith service, gas or oil delivery, tire change and jump starting.


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