Harry Potter House Quiz: Where would you rank? (In 2023) (2023)

Which Harry Potter house are you? If you've asked yourself this question before, you've come to the right place. We did a personality test to help you figure it out.hogwarts houseWhat would you be classified as if you attended school? Are you a Gryffindor like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley? Are you a Hufflepuff like Cedric Diggory, Newt Scamander and Nymphadora Tonks? How about a Ravenclaw like Luna Lovegood, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Cho Chang? Or are you a Slytherin like Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape and Horace Slughorn? Take the Harry Potter House Quiz and see where you would fit in! At the bottom of this page, we've also included some additional facts about each of the great houses.

Which Harry Potter house are you?

Instructions:All you have to do is answer the 25 sorting hat quiz questions below and we'll give you the result at the end. You will automatically advance to the next question after selecting your answer. There are also social sharing buttons at the bottom so you can easily share your scores with your friends.

Choose one of the four classic elements:

Choose your favorite color from those listed below:

What defect do you notice in people that bothers you the most?

If you looked into the Mirror of Erised, what would you see?

Choose the word that best describes you:

What would be your favorite class at Hogwarts?

What is your favorite female character among the names below?

It would hurt more if someone called you...

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Choose the job you would most like to have:

What should be the core of your wand?

Select a movie genre to watch:

Choose a magical creature:

What is your favorite male character from the names listed below?

Which of these magical books would you like to read?

Choose a Hogwarts professor to date:

Who is your favorite main member of the trio?

Choose a Hogwarts ghost to talk to:

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What is your favorite animal of these four?

What is your favorite Game of Thrones character?

What spell would you like to cast?

Pick your favorite old school WWE wrestler:

Choose another spell book to read:

If you had to enter through a closed door, how would you do it?

What is your favorite Star Wars character?

Which of these houses do you like least?

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Want something more than a taste of the Harry Potter house? We have collected some additional facts about each of the great houses.

We have added some features to each of the houses that it can be sorted into. This includes some popular characters from the series that can be found in every home and the celebrities who have revealed their allegiances. Get more details about your Harry Potter house test result here.

Gryffindor Quiz

Gryffindor membersthey are usually extremely brave, daring, loyal, and chivalrous. This is the most popular house as it contains most of the main characters from the series such as Harry, Hermione and Ron. Of course, most people want to get sorted into Gryffindor to meet some of their favorite characters from the franchise.

Fast facts

  • Cores:scarlet and gold
  • Pet:León
  • Geist:Nearly Headless Nick (real name Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington).
  • Common room location:Gryffindor Tower.
  • Popular characters of this house:Harry Potter, Hermine Granger, Ron Weasley, Gina Weasley, Neville Longbottom y Alvo Dumbledore.

More about the founder, Godric Gryffindor

Godric Gryffindorit was said that he valued courage, determination, and strength in the students who represented his house.

Godric's Hollow is named after him. This is the town where Harry lived when he was a baby. This was also the place where Lord Voldemort murdered Harry's parents.

Godric was considered the most successful duelist of his time.

Godric and Salazar Slytherin were originally good friends, but grew apart in their later years.

What celebrities are in Gryffindor?

In a shocking turn of events, actor Draco Malfoy,Tom Felton revealed that he is actually a Gryffindor. He tweeted:"Today was the day. I finally made it. I got on Pottermore and was sorted into... Gryffindor. heartbroken X#Slytherin for life". JK Rowling responded by saying that she could have told Tom years ago, but she didn't want to spoil her motivation for playing Draco.

Luna Lovegood actress Evanna Lynch is a member of Gryffindor house. Although Luna is a proud Ravenclaw, Evanna was sorted into Gryffindor, as shown in a Youtube video.

Actor Kit Harington revealed in an interview that he is a member of Gryffindor. He also revealed that he is a huge fan of Harry Potter in general. very good to knowjon snowVonTo War Two ThronesI would be a Gryffindor.

ActressMargot Robbie reveals she was sorted into Gryffindorafter taking the Pottermore quiz. Margot also admitted to manipulating some of the answers to end up in her favorite house.

during an interviewShawn Mendes says he thinks he's in Gryffindor.

Bonnie Wright Landette a Gryffindorafter taking a homework test at Hogwarts. This matches her on-screen character of hers, Ginny Weasley.

Tom Holland found out he was in Gryffindorafter an exam. Holland also noted that he is "obsessed" with the world of Harry Potter.

Andrew Lincoln Landed in Gryffindorafter an exam. He is best known for his role as Rick Grimes onliving dead. She is also the voice ofQuidditch through the agesAudiobook that some Potter fans might recognize.

WhileDaniel Radcliffe Reddit AMAHe said that there was no doubt that he would be in the same house as Harry.

Hufflepuff Trivia

Hufflepuff membersThey tend to be humble, kind and hardworking. This seems to be the most common house and JK Rowling has said that most "good" people go to Hufflepuff. Members of this house are known to have a strong moral code and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Fast facts

  • Cores:yellow and black
  • Pet:Badger
  • Geist:The fat friar (his full name is unknown.
  • Common room location:Hufflepuff basement.
  • Popular characters of this house:Nymphadora Tonks, Cedric Diggory, Profesor Sprout y Newt Scamander (hacerfantastic beasts and where to find themSerie).

More about the founder Helga Hufflepuff

Helga Hufflepuffhe was the only one of the founders of Hogwarts who did not demand special qualities from students. He also accepted anyone with zero preferences. This makes him very different from the other three founders.

OKPottermore, Helga was very skilled in food magic. It is also noted that many of the recipes in the Hogwarts kitchens come from Helga.

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Helga was in charge of the school with house-elves in the kitchen. This is because they would provide them with a secure job.

What celebrities are in Hufflepuff?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a Hufflepuff, as revealed on Twitter. He tweeted:"Huff-puffs in the house!". As a result, he is probably the most famous Hufflepuff in the world.

in conversation withbuzz, Ed Sheeran announced that he would be a member of Hufflepuff. He's never taken the Sorting Hat test, but he thinks he'd fit the bill.

Eddie Redmayne, who plays Newt Scamander, says he's a proud Hufflepuff.In a video for the MTV YouTube channel, talked about how Hufflepuff is often overlooked and how he is trying to change the stigma.

Arguably the most surprising member of Hufflepuff is Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint. in a video withPottermoreGrint took the placement test and found out that he was a member of the Yellow-Blacks.

Matthew Lewis took the Pottermore quizand was sorted into Hufflepuff. He is best known for playing Neville Longbottom in the Potter movies.

Natalie Dormer tookPottermores Hausquizand eventually ended up in Hufflepuff. He then said that Hufflepuff was not what he expected. You know Dormer from her roles as Margaery Tyrell inTo War Two Thronesand Cressida avoracious gamesSerie.

Lana Condor revealed during an interview that she is probably a member of Hufflepuff. She is best known for appearing in movies likeTo all the boys I've loved before,X-Men-Apocalypse, miAlita: Battle Angel.


ravenclaw membersthey are usually intelligent and creative. They are best known for their academic achievements as well as their independence. Many of the Ravenclaw students are very ambitious, especially when it comes to academic success. If you love school and learning, chances are you are a Ravenclaw. If you are also a very creative person, blue and bronze suit you!

Fast facts

  • Cores:blue and bronze
  • Pet:Adler
  • Geist:The Gray Lady (real name: Helena Ravenclaw).
  • Common room location:The Ravenclaw Tower.
  • Popular characters of this house:Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, Weeping Myrtle and Filius Flitwick.

More about the founder Rowena Ravenclaw

Rowena RabenklaueYou will value intelligence and wisdom when selecting students for your household.

OKPottermoreA broken heart contributed to his untimely death.

A popular fan theoryis that Rowena is responsible for naming the school "Hogwarts". There is also a rumor that Rowena is responsible for the Hogwarts project.

What celebrities are in Ravenclaw?

In a video on his YouTube channel, Stephen Colbert revealed that JK Rowling messaged him and told him that she was part of Ravenclaw. He added that Rowling told him that she had Gryffindor backgrounds but was a Ravenclaw.

in conversation withbuzz,It was revealed that Kelly-Marie Tran (who is best known for her appearance onStar Wars: The Last Jedi), was sorted into Ravenclaw after the test. He also admitted that he had hoped to be in Gryffindor, since it is his favorite house.

Emma Watson (aka Hermione) never auditioned, but many fans believe she would be in Ravenclaw. This is based on her attendance and her grade at Brown University.

Jordan Fisher revealed this on Twitterwho is a proud member of Ravenclaw. Fisher is an actor, singer and dancer. He wondancing with the starsem 2017.

Slytherin Quiz

slytherin membersThey are usually ambitious, cunning and imaginative. Many of the house members are known for taking responsibility and are therefore strong leaders. Many of the most powerful wizards of all time hail from this house. Not all Slytherin students are to be considered evil.

Fast facts

  • Cores:green and silver
  • Pet:Line.
  • Geist:The Bloody Baron (real name unknown).
  • Common room location:Slytherin's dungeon.
  • Popular characters of this house:Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Phineas Nigellus Black, Leta Lestrange y Horace Slughorn.

More about the founder, Salazar Slytherin

salazar slytherinit is said that he valued those who were intelligent, had great ambition, and were of pure blood.

OKPottermore, Salazar was highly skilled in Legilimency (mind reading) and was also the first recorded Parselmouth (he can talk to snakes).

Salazar ended up falling out with the other founders and decided to leave Hogwarts. There is a great legend that Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor had a great duel before leaving school.

What celebrities are in Slytherin?

OneGore, Ariana Grande revealed that her Pottermore quiz result said she belonged in Slytherin house. As a result, she is by far the most famous member of Slytherin (in the real world).

Lin-Manuel Miranda admitted in an interview withCON CABLEfor taking the test and said he was from Slytherin.

During an interview withvanity fair, Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry) said he thought Kanye West would be in Slytherin.

Where did you rank in our Harry Potter house quiz? Let us know who you have in the comments section below and share it with your friends too! If you know of other celebrities who belong to a specific house, let us know and we'll add them!

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  • CONTINUE:Which Harry Potter character are you most like?


What is the 2nd best Hogwarts house? ›

2. Ravenclaw – Smart and clever.

What is the least common Hogwarts house to get into? ›

While the other houses seem cool and invite a certain allure, Hufflepuff is a little different. Often considered the least desirable of all the sorting options, here are some reasons why Hufflepuff house is the worst.

What is JK Rowling's Favourite Harry Potter house? ›

In the past, J.K. Rowling has said, 'In many, many ways, Hufflepuff is my favourite house. '

Who is the coolest Hufflepuff? ›

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The Best Hufflepuffs, Ranked
  • 5 Pomona Sprout.
  • 4 Cedric Diggory.
  • 3 Theseus Scamander.
  • 2 Nymphadora Tonks.
  • 1 Newton Scamander.
Sep 11, 2022

Who is the most popular Ravenclaw? ›

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The Best Ravenclaws, Ranked
  • 6 Gilderoy Lockhart.
  • 5 Sybill Trelawney.
  • 4 Filius Flitwick.
  • 3 Cho Chang.
  • 2 Garrick Ollivander.
  • 1 Luna Lovegood.
Sep 18, 2022

Which is better Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? ›

The whole reason of sorting is to show which side of your personality you want to act on most. If you have qualities of Gryffindor and Slytherin, but you care more about being brave than ambitious, choose Gryffindor. If you're intelligent and loyal, but you care more for intelligence, choose Ravenclaw.

Which Hogwarts house is the most stubborn? ›

The haughty eagle is always ready for a debate and can sometimes turn folks off with their strong – but always thought-out – opinions. Ravenclaws are thoughtful and very often stubborn, which can frustrate even their most patient friends and colleagues.

What is the 4th best Hogwarts house? ›

Best Hogwarts Houses
  1. 1 Ravenclaw. Thank you for finally noticing and recognizing Ravenclaw as the best house! ...
  2. 2 Slytherin. THE BEST HOUSE! ...
  3. 3 Hufflepuff. ...
  4. 4 Gryffindor.

Which Hogwarts house is Justin Bieber? ›

Justin Bieber – Gryffindor.

Is the Pottermore quiz accurate? ›

Pottermore, like most online quizzes, is unreliable. But it's probably more accurate than I give it credit for. As arbitrary as the questions seem, many of them do a good job of figuring out what you value, and it's the best test I've seen so far. When I first got sorted by Pottermore, I didn't agree with the results.

Is Gryffindor better than Ravenclaw? ›

If you have qualities of Gryffindor and Slytherin, but you care more about being brave than ambitious, choose Gryffindor. If you're intelligent and loyal, but you care more for intelligence, choose Ravenclaw.

Can I retake the Hogwarts house quiz? ›

In most cases, you'll simply have to delete your Wizarding World Pottermore account if you want to retake the quiz. This can be done by logging into your account and clicking on the house symbol at the top right of your screen.


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