Delmar Gardens of Green Valley Nursing Home Overview (2023)

Registered team hours

Medical staff hours per patient (2021)

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Advance payment:


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facility inspections

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We would like to point out that this facility has surpassed its overall rating in the field of inspections. In fact, this year it received an excellent inspection report. As a result, we gave it an A-, one of our top marks in this area. Inspection results weigh several factors, including deficiencies and federal penalties. You can learn more about each of these topics by obtaining copies of nursing home inspection reports. Although this nursing home had some deficiencies in its official audit report, none of them were serious according to the CMS deficiencies scale. Please note that test reports without defects are rare in this industry.

quality of the nurse

Serie B

One of the other reasons we rate this nursing home so highly is that it had a very impressive nursing rating. In fact, nursing was her second-best grade in that category. In this category, we award the grade B for this facility. The nursing assessment is largely based on the number of nursing staff. This particular nursing home provided 0.4 hours of care per resident per day. Finally, our care ratings also take into account quality-related assessments such as avoiding serious falls. This system has proven itself well in this area. Avoiding major burglaries is usually a good indicator that a nursing home has reliable quality controls in place. Serious falls can often be prevented by employing more caregivers and better safety protocols.

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quality of respite care

Serie B

The next category we evaluated was respite care. In this category, we rated this nursing home a B. In fact, it scored better than most facilities in this category. In the area of ​​short-term care, we wanted to evaluate the measures of rehabilitation services in a facility. We examined facility-based skilled nursing services, including those provided by registered nurses and physical therapists. It does not appear that this nursing home has submitted any data on its registered nursing or physical therapy staff. Finally, we assessed the percentage of patients who managed to return to the community from this unit. We found that 0% of the residents of this nursing home have returned home.

quality of long-term care

Serie B-not less

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Back to our fourth area, this nursing home received a respectable nursing grade of B-. In our long-term care rating, we focus more on the volume of services provided by a care home, as well as some quality measures. In addition to the number of visits from assistants and other staff, we also analyzed the number of residents vaccinated against pneumonia. To be honest, we were a little concerned that this nursing home was only getting 75.854706 percent of its patients on the vaccine. However, this nursing home keeps its residents away from the hospital. In fact, he had less than one hospitalization for every 1,000 days of long-term hospitalization, which is remarkably low.

ranking over time

Compared to federal and state averages across all institutions.

Delmar Gardens of Green Valley Qualitätsmetriken

Minimizes pressure sores

Serie B

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,9,74%of patients had pressure ulcers

This indicates the percentage of patients who have suffered a pressure ulcer. Pressure sores, also known as bedsores, are often caused by staying in one position for too long. Better care can minimize the percentage of nursing home residents who develop pressure sores.

Minimize serious falls

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Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,1,97%of patients suffered serious falls

This tells you the percentage of dwellers who have sustained serious injuries from a fall.

Minimizes urinary tract infections

Note: c

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,2,27%of patients had urinary tract infections

This indicates what percentage of residents had a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are seen by many in the nursing home industry as a measure of the quality of care. UTIs are often associated with poor quality of care. However, these statistics may be biased for some facilities due to different reporting patterns for UTIs.

Use antipsychotic medication appropriately

Note: c

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,13,51%of patients use antipsychotics

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This is a measure of the percentage of care recipients who have received antipsychotic drugs. High levels of antipsychotic drug use may indicate that a nursing home is using these drugs to expose residents to environments where such drugs are not medically necessary. However, some nursing homes have had to resort to these drugs due to the increasing number of residents with cognitive impairments.

Use anti-anxiety medications properly

Serie B-not less

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,17,49%of patients use anti-anxiety medications

This indicates the percentage of residents who received anti-anxiety medication. Anxiolytic medications are prescribed for residents suffering from anxiety and depression.

Management of depression in residents

no teaAdvance payment

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,2,99%of patients

This is the percentage of residents who have symptoms of depression.

Proper use of vaccines

Note D

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,76,92%of patients

This metric is a measure of the percentage of long-term patients who have been vaccinated against pneumonia and influenza.

Residents retain their autonomy

Note D

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,15,13%percentage of patients

This is the percentage of residents who required extra help with activities of daily living over time.

Ability to keep mobile residents

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Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,21,2%percentage of residents

This is the percentage of patients who maintained their mobility over time. Maintaining mobility is usually a good sign for the health of the residents.


Note: c

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,1.21Hospitalizations per 1,000 resident days

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Indicates the number of admissions per thousand days of care. In general, there is a correlation between the avoidance of hospitalization and the overall quality of long-term care.

Short Term Care: Readmissions

Note D

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,21.2Percentage of residents who were re-hospitalized

This is a measure of the number of readmissions per thousand days of respite care.

Short-term care: emergency appointments

Serie B

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,9.64percentage of patients

This indicates how often residents are referred to the emergency room per 1,000 days of short-term care. There is a correlation between the decline in emergency room visits and the quality of home care.

Short-term care: facilitates functional improvement

Note: f

Em Delmar Gardens, Em Green Valley,68,66%resident percentage

This metric is a measure of the percentage of respite care patients who experience functional improvements, such as: B. Increased ability to perform activities of daily living. Some experts believe this is a reliable measure of a facility's rehabilitation performance.

Henderson, NV Results

  • The overall grade is B-not less

    average overall rating

  • The nurse's assessment is a B

    Average qualification as a nurse

  • The level of care is rated B-.not less

    Average rating of long-term care

  • Short-term care is rated B-.not less

    Average rating of short-term care

  • The test grade is B

    Average inspection rating

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