Cost of living in New York (2023)

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To place am 25.10.2022:

So what are people in New York not providing employees with employee parking when everyone is talking about public transportation? I thought they were just for the homeless and students.

brooklyn September 24, 2022:

@confused - The minimum wage is $15 an hour which is $31,200 a year before taxes. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, but so much wealth is concentrated in New York that the average salary is completely skewed. So while 75% of people live on $50,000 or less, the richest 5% (hedge fund managers, Wall Street stock traders, lawyers, software developers) earn so much more than everyone else that the new -Average Yorker is much richer. than they really are.

Joy Nelson September 23, 2022:

it's good and some of them are high prices

ashes am 09.09.2022:

August 25th Anon: Your country is made of foreigners, idiot.

Anonymous August 25, 2022:

The US government should not allow Ukrainians into our country. The biggest problem is that the US government never asks US citizens if we want this. It is not up to the US government to allow foreigners to enter our country, it never was. Those allowed into the United States were not even tested.

confused April 11, 2022:

The guy who started sharing a room with 40,000 in 2014 was great, he said, and now he makes 64,000 and still managed to save.
What is the minimum wage in New York?
I read that it costs $13.20 cents an hour.
How much does it cost ANNUALLY? 2010, time %20 (up to %20 of %20%2414.00).

The median annual salary for New Yorkers is $35,000 per year. Yep, that's HALF of what that graduate earns out of 64,000.
So if statistically people's average salary is 35,000 a year, there are TONS of people living in NYC with houses.

Captured in Columbus on March 22, 2022:

I saw some comments that tried to debunk some of the myths about people living comfortably in New York City on $65,000 salaries, but they all missed the part about people traveling. This site focuses on one aspect of New York and it does a great job, so I think the people who make it work are using other aspects to their advantage. Because the cost of living in New York City is so high, residents can use travel to reduce their annual expenses by taking extensive trips to places with much lower living costs. There are many other sites with valuable information about New York City that should also be used when creating a plan of attack. If it's not already obvious, I've never been to New York, but I've lived in 3 different cities and chosen a different lifestyle for each one. I'm planning to move to New York next year and I know my lifestyle won't work in Ohio so I'm adapting. Wish me luck finding the most terrifying apartment possible!

ozai am 13.10.2021:

(Video) NYC COST of Living 2022! | Can you afford this city??

Don't come here unless you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth to a millionaire father.
If the job offer is less than $6,000 net after tax, don't come here.
The stress and pace of life alone can kill you, not to mention the cost of living and inflation.
I see 20 year old mother bitches who look 40 walking the streets of NYC like zombies. It's hard, it's depressing, it's lonely, it's very expensive and it will consume you. you have been warned
By the way, I was at a Turkish cafe here near Queens yesterday. I got a small plain coffee and an airpod case sized Turkish delight cut into 4 small pieces for a total of $10 plus tip. The coffee shop is located on Queens Boulevard, probably the most terrifying boulevard in North America.
I sat on the curb looking at my order and thought, Poor America, she could have saved herself, but she decided not to.

Julie Brian on June 10, 2021:

I am a student and I want to study in New York and from everything I see here I think it will be easy for me as I have no one to support me since I lost my family. Please advise or better options. can you give me … (409)-292-3527.

Anonymous am 01. may 2021:

Thank God! I'm in Kenya. Where I can get free drinking water and most of the above groceries are less than a dollar a pound... After looking at the cost of living there, I honestly don't feel like going to New York...

Anonymous on December 19, 2020:

New York has become a ghost town in more ways than one. But positive is that covid19 has adjusted the population a little, a good thing.

Anonymous am 05.12.2020:

Bad example... you can't even wipe your ass without toilet paper

Daniel Roberto Philipps am 25.11.2020:

How does the cost of living compare to Chicago, Los Angeles or Paris?

O am 08.10.2020:

Rents have plummeted in New York in recent months. Many children have moved because of the pandemic. A studio that cost $3,500 a month in early 2020 now costs $2,400.
The city is now a little deserted. Before the pandemic, it took $125,000 a year plus a $50,000 bonus to live a decent single life. Now you can do more or less just for the salary, without the bonus. Entertainment options are limited. Good luck to all of you.

atcha am 23.08.2020:

Does anyone know what a reasonable salary is for a single person to live well in New York? I mean living in a studio/1 bedroom, nothing fancy but safe/clean/nice environment with enough space to breathe (300-400m2). Cooking your own food and minimal entertainment?

Matthew Franz It's July 20, 2020:

Hey guys

(Video) How much it actually costs to live alone in NYC

First of all, I'm from England. Another place where things are stupid expensive for the money we get. I want to know what my monthly expenses are in Manhattan from someone who won't be kidding me.

I'm going to give an example from my current circumstances and want to compare as many responses as possible. Realists are important to you. I'm not interested in sharing it with some boisterous drunk hormonal idiots.

I live near Sheffield. This is Yorkshire for those who don't know. The center of Great Britain. In 2008 a city center flat with little space to take a cat was around £625 for a bedroom maybe 2. In 2020 it is now £925.

Life sucks here unless you come from a rich family with good jobs. You have to work long hours and put up with a lot of crap!

Monthly charges:
Water 60€
Family allowance €200
City tax (excluding income tax and social security contribution)
£ 120
Rent £475
it's cheap for a two bedroom apartment, usually £700 for a nice apartment.
£6 per week television
50€ TV cable from the internet
€20 per month phone
Eat £100 a month if you don't like to eat a lot
€50 credit card per month

I have bad credit and no savings so I couldn't get a mortgage.
If you earn a little more, you can buy a car. If you have a mother and father, they pay for your car. They will help you get started. Your 100 euro cosmetic bag, make-up and clothes. Whatever it is.

Here, the average monthly salary is £1350
But they'll tell you it's £2200. You're in luck if you get that.
Jobs are very hard to get due to the amount of applicants and I have 12 years experience and a degree!
This would be for a customer service, call center, admin, business support or supervisory role. Offer.
You can earn £2,000 a month by working extra hours, but you will be taxed for doing so. They claim the average salary is £28,000 a year, maybe it is but you have to work really hard and maybe if you're a manager or a handyman you can.

Now compare with yours. For my £250,000 house, I can buy a house with a pool in the US. Working in customer service in New York (minus all those ridiculous fashion costs you like) would net me £60k-80k a year but I need an American degree for that. A green card. A backup plan. I would have to commit a lot of hours and if they don't get you in line they might fall apart.

You have no idea how lucky you are. No idea.

But your take-home pay is shocking.
Let's say you have a £75,000 a year job, which is a good job but you work long hours in New York and probably don't make a living) and you spend hours travelling. Pollution, crime, etc. endure and the high cost of living.

But you have all the deductions. taxes etc

I've seen hundreds of 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in a good chunk of one of their skyscrapers with a (crappy) gym and innovative design that only cost between £3000-6000, but what they don't tell you is how much you have. home lost wages before they reach your bank!

I've seen apartments in worse areas for less, but not much less.
I've seen paychecks online and they say $75,000 - a year
Her take-home salary is £2,500 per month. Before renting!!! That is true??

Anyway, as I'm a writer, I need to spend time there post-lockdown. If they play by the rules.

What can I expect?

moan carefree

To hire?

After deducting, how much do you take home with you?

Be good to finally know the truth!

cheer up friends

Anonymous resident of New York on June 15, 2020:

Very interesting, but you missed a bit like ##anonymous said. This was wonderful and very helpful as I am giving a presentation on the cost of living and this gives me the opportunity to compare, share and choose which country you would like. But I've also lived in NYC all my life, and this place is definitely not for everyone. Now that might be a little "eeeeee!" But listen, if you're okay with walking shoulder to shoulder on public transport, people trying to sell you stuff everywhere, homeless people on every corner, then you'll love it. Location. There is no place in this country as diverse as New York. If you belong to a minority, you won't face many racial issues here. Another big plus is that there is always something going on here. But beware, almost EVERYTHING costs a fortune, so expect to spend if you want to have fun!

If you're not made for the New York lifestyle, don't come here because this place will blow your mind (lit).

anonymous resident of NY on June 13, 2020:

I moved from New York to New Jersey because it's too expensive to live and eat. Most of the following horror stories are true and the guy living on 64,000 a year must either be homeless or a college student.

Although expensive, a family of two can live comfortably in central New York if you earn over 150,000 a year; Otherwise, you'll have to travel over an hour from the Long Island or New Jersey side where I live.

However, the beauty of New York, unlike any other country I've lived and worked in, is that it deserves well-educated people. Companies pay a premium and they also pay for your visa if you know how to play. So check out what high paying jobs are needed and in 4 years or less you could be moving to Manhattan even if you never want to live in Manhattan! You are guaranteed to get mental problems!

(Video) My NYC Apartment Tour: $1,875/Month in Manhattan

anonymous on June 1, 2020:

So I've lived in NYC all my life and I can safely say this place isn't for everyone. If you're ok with small apartments costing two to four times as much as most other places, rubbing shoulders on public transport, people trying to sell you things everywhere, homeless people on every corner, including cockroaches and rats they have important things to do. your worries then you will love this place. Expect a fight or some sort of altercation at least once or twice. Oh, and on top of that everything costs twice as much! However, living in this city has great advantages, there is no place in this country that is as diverse as New York City. If you're in the minority, you won't face many racial issues here (other than the NYPD). Another great advantage is that there's always something to do here, whether it's a bar, restaurant, nightclub, etc. Spend money if you want to have fun.

If you're not made for the New York lifestyle, do yourself a favor and don't come here because this place will blow you away.

#anonymous May 28, 2020:

nice article, but hey, where's the stuff on average doctor salary? or builder? or how much does it cost to go to elementary and high school? I mean, you missed some stuff!

Anonymous May 23, 2020:

ONE BEDROOM CITY CENTER RENT is not less than $5,000

I don't know why all our country's data is so wrong!

junction sheet am 03. May 2020:

This is one of the best articles I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing~

Abraham am 02. May 2020:

Can you tell me if people with disabilities who have families of four with young children would have any help living in New York City? Am I thinking subsidized housing or social housing? is it possible to find one? If there is a waiting list, how long would it be?

(Video) Living on Minimum Wage in NYC 2023 | New York Stories

Plug am 04.03.2020:

How much does it cost to live in Manhattan for a couple? If they pay rent of 5,000-6,000/month. Is a salary of 120,000/150,000 enough to own a 5,000 to 6,000,000 apartment in Manhattan and live comfortably?

New York +- on March 3, 2020:

As a kid, I loved New York.

But now I don't like it very much for these reasons:
1. So many old and ugly apartments and other buildings, many of them in Manhattan (and very close to some of the biggest attractions in the world)
2. Poor urban architecture as the largest urban area in the world
3. so many mice and bugs
4. Small positive changes in the city, such as building roads and highways suitable for the 21st century
5. Build skyscrapers on small streets that really need to be wide
6. high crime rate (compared to some big cities in the world)
7. There is no power against natural disasters like floods.

sim etc

Is there anyone (especially from New York) who disagrees with me?


David Hetrick It's January 30, 2020:

So it will be in America when the mayor of New York becomes president because of the socialist life.

bad new york city am 10.10.2019:

Don't listen to the NoPanic guy below, he says he lives comfortably on $63,000 a year? And who can travel, dine out and "live well" even if they set aside 25% of their income? HAHA HA. He's LYING, there's no way he can live like this on that kind of income! At $63,000 a year and savings of 25%, that means you're living on just over $45,000 a year. NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world, don't believe their post!

She has no chance of living well! Let me tell you how he really lives:

-with 3-4 roommates and probably a spouse, so the rent is reduced by another 50% if shared with him

-In a tiny apartment with cockroaches and thin walls, where you'll never have peace and quiet and heat day and night from other neighbors with all your roommates.

-In a dangerous area

-He never travels, except maybe to the next town, but I doubt it because he probably couldn't afford the monthly cost of gas and insurance.

- He almost never goes out to eat.

- Save 1-2% on your check, not 25%. Maybe 0%. He lives from paycheck to paycheck with almost no savings.

People, people, making these kinds of claims is absolutely dangerous when someone actually moved here with only $45 real money to spend, even $60,000, reads your post and thinks they're fine and with that little bit they're "fine" live "becomes money, someone can easily become homeless and get into serious trouble. Don't be naive, guys! With that kind of money you will hardly survive or literally run out of money.

(Video) The TRUE cost of living in NEW YORK CITY

bad new york city am 10.10.2019:

Don't move here guys! It's ridiculously expensive and the police will arrest you for anything they want. Even $100,000 will love you, and that's in a poor neighborhood with roommates!


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