Junk Website or Real Business? - (2023) Junk Website or Real Business? - (1)

We all know that any legitimate Canadian visa website has thousands of scammers ready to take any opportunity to steal time, money and valuable dreams from aspiring Canadian immigrants, butHow can you tell if the chosen consultant or agency is fake or real?

There have been many reports and accusations online that, as well as other reputable immigration companies, are fraudulent or "scum" sites, and today we want to set the record straight and answer some of the questions that some of our potential customers ask- us regularly. No hidden agendas. No sales pitches, just absolute transparency.

We want to provide you with the tools you need to distinguish between fraud and authenticity and encourage anyone who suspects they are being deceived or misrepresented to report it to the Government of Canada. So let's take a look at some of your concerns and how to address them when deciding whether or not you need an immigration officer and, if so,how to make sure you choose the right agency or consultant to process your Canadian visa application.

Is a scam or legit? Junk Website or Real Business? - (2)

Short answer? Yes.We work with two trusted government immigration consultantsCDMwho hasYears of Canadian immigration experience, as well as personal experience in the Canadian immigration process, making them more than qualified to process your immigration application. But don't take our word for it. He canCheck our credibility in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Visit theICCRCwebsite

ANDICCRC oder Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Councilwas created forregulate all Canadian immigration consultants and protect anyone who chooses to use immigration servicesensure that all procedures, policies and practices are followed in accordance with Canadian government rules and regulations.

To become a registered member, all RCICs or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultantsundergo rigorous training and testing to ensure only the highest standards are met.

(Video) How to Tell if a Canadian Immigration Agency is Real or Fake

Step 2: Enter yourRCICRegistration number

There's only one thing left to do to make sure the immigration consultant you choose is actually a member.Type your name and/or registration number and press EnterAcertify that they are indeed registered with the ICCRC, but also in good standing with the Government of Canada, or in other words, you didn't do anything that was against the rules and regulations.

Meet our Regulated Agents Junk Website or Real Business? - (3)

David Allon

David Allon is a highly qualified and accredited RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) and holds numerous qualifications including a Master of Public Administration (MPA), a Bachelor of Business and Government and a Diploma in European Studies. He also has years of Canadian immigration experience and has been privileged to help thousands of visa applicants achieve their Canadian dream.

Jaehyun's "Jimmy" Park

Jimmy immigrated to Canada through the British Columbia Skilled Worker Program after completing his BA in English Literature from Korea National Transportation University in Chungu and his MA in English Education from Kyonggi University in South Korea. She has extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration policies and is passionate about helping others live their Canadian dream by assisting them through the application process.

As you can see, both of our RCICs are highly qualified and experienced and the truth is sono immigration professional would associate with a fake or "scum" websiteand risk compromising their accreditation or reputation after investing years of hard work and dedication into their profession. Would you do it

Step 3 - Check reviews online

don't just doWe work with RCIC, trusted by the government, but our immigration services have been classified as one of theTop 10 Canadian Immigration Companies Trusted by CanadianVisa Reviewbased on criteria such as services, support, social media presence, website usability, regulated agents and online reviews.

Should I appoint a representative? Junk Website or Real Business? - (4)

NO.You are under no obligation to hire a paid immigration officer.. In fact, the Canadian government has all the information and immigration forms you could ever need. However, navigating the Canadian immigration system may not be as easy as it sounds. It can't just be a very complicated process because there areover 70 different immigration and visa programs to choose frombut ofwaste of timeAlso.

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Why should I pay for immigration services when I can do it myself for free?

Unpaid agents vs. paid

heutwo different types of sellers: paid and unpaid. However, both can provide advice and assistance and help you with your visa application.Only paid agents are regulated by the ICCRC. If you choose to use an unpaid agent, you risk becoming a victim of fraud and bad advice, as these agents are not regulated by the Canadian government.

apply yourself

As mentioned above, not only are there a number of different visa options to choose from, but if you are found to be ineligible to enter Canada, choose an immigration program that you are not qualified for or that does not best meet your specific needs.Risk of delay in your application or denial of your visa application.

If you fill out your visa application incorrectly or do not have the necessary supporting documents, you risk delaying your application.

Will my visa be denied if I don't use a representative?

NO.Your visa may be denied if:

  • You will be denied entry into Canada;
  • They don't have enough money to support themselves;
  • does not meet health standards;
  • You have a criminal record.

Will I be prohibited from applying for a visa if I do not complete my application through an agent?

NO.However, you may be barred from applying for immigration or returning to Canada as a permanent resident for 5 years if you submit a false other words, lie in your application. However, it is important to note that Canadian immigration systems and programs are regularly updated, although you cannot be prevented from completing your application on time or by your elected representative, which means that additional new requirements must be met at any time. This means that if you choose to put your application on hold, that is the is important to thinkIf you didn't submit your application before the Canadian government implemented the changes, you risk being ineligible for certain immigration programs and having to start the eligibility screening process from scratch, wasting your precious money, your time, and your money. .

You must also notify the Canadian government that you are no longer using the services of an immigration consultant, which means more forms to fill out and possibly further delays in the application process.

In short, why should you pay for an immigration service? Regulated Canadian Immigration Counselors (RCIC) arehighly qualified professionalswho undergo rigorous training and aremonitored by the Canadian governmentto ensure that you are not being exploited by "scum sites" or "scams". By choosing an accredited immigration consultancy, youAccess to his extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration systemlike thisGuidance and support throughout the processSo you don't have to worry about your visa application. But like I said, you always have a choice.

For more information about immigration officers, seeGovernment of Canada website here.

(Video) The Canadian Visa Evaluation Process Explained

Why do I have to pay for each step of the process? Junk Website or Real Business? - (5)

To answer that question, let's take a look at how we structure our immigration services. We chose to split the visa application process and payment structure for two reasons:

  • give our customers the freedom to use our services as they see fit;
  • to ensure you get what you pay for

How does the application process work?

Step 1: Fill in the application form

simplyfilling out our online application form, you will be directed to a dedicated account manager whocontact you within 48 hours for your permission request.

Step 2: Permission query

Here, your highly qualified account manager will decide whether or not you are eligible to apply for a Canadian visa. For that they have toAnswer a few questions about your age, education, work experience, income, etc.. these questions arebased on Canada's eligibility requirements as well as popular immigration systems or programswithexpress entryo Provincial candidate programs. These questions are asked for two reasons:

  • To find out if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada and
  • To avoid wasting time and money, apply for a visa if you are not eligible.

If your account manager deems it appropriate, we willcreate a profiletransmitted to our RCICsStart with your aptitude test.

Please note that this consultation is charged.

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Step 3: Aptitude Test

This is where your RCIC will make acomplete and in-depth assessment to determine:

  • which immigration program or visa you qualify for;
  • and which province or area best suits your needs.

You will have:

  • Its comprehensive classification system (SRC) score that will allow you to proceed safely in the visa application process;
  • An eligibility assessment signed by your RCIC describing which program you qualify for; AND
  • A detailed and personalized immigration strategy and timeline for your visa application

Step 4: Visa application

Now that you have your CRS score and detailed eligibility score to helpMake an informed decision about the immigration program or visa you want to apply for, by RCIC:

  • guide and support you throughout the process, at every stage, as well as
  • Complete your application and submit it to the Government of Canada on your behalf.

Please note that only the Canadian government can issue a Canadian visa. Neither we nor any other immigration authorities, websites or agents have any control over this, regardless of whether they offer paid services or not.

Step 5: Visa comments

as soon as weReceived feedback from the Canadian governmentWe will make available the results of your registration.

We hope this has helped give you some insight on how to avoid being exploited by a veritable immigration "scum site" and given you some answers to some of the concerns about whether or not toCanadianVisa.orgis it a legit website or not.

More information aboutwhy you should use an RCIC, feel free to visit our website here.


What are the reviews for CanadianVisa org? › has a consumer rating of 4.25 stars from 4 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. ranks 38th among Travel Visas sites.

Who is CanadianVisa org? › is a leading global immigration consultancy firm dedicated to helping individuals around the world to fulfill their dream of living legally in Canada — one of the best countries to live and work in today's western world.

Is Canadian visa expert real or fake? ›

You can rest assured that Canadian Visa Expert is not fake since we work directly with immigration professionals who are registered members from The Federal Regulator of Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Is MDC Canada genuine? ›

We can say with confidence that MDC is a leading, professional and trustworthy immigration firm that others can learn from. We found no substantial problems with MDC and potential clients can rest assured that they will be dealing with a highly professional immigration consultancy.

How do you know if a visa website is legit? ›

Internet sites ending in the ".gov" top-level domain suffix are official government websites. To link directly to the more than 200 U.S. Embassy and Consulate websites, visit Visa information on official U.S. government websites ending in “.gov” is official and correct.

How do I know if my visa agent is real? ›

To avoid immigration fraud and look for a genuine immigration consultant, you can follow these steps.
  1. CICC Registration. ...
  2. Not having a company email ID. ...
  3. Payment via chat apps. ...
  4. Take a closer look at the website. ...
  5. 5 .
Dec 14, 2021

Where is CanadianVisa org located? ›

Canadian Visa's headquarters are located at 1066 W Hastings St Ste 640, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 3X1, Canada What is Canadian Visa's phone number?

Is it worth moving to Canada from USA? ›

Migrating to Canada is a great opportunity to start anew. There are many reasons why it may be worth it for you and your family. Canada's multicultural society and high quality of life make the country a perfect place for immigrants. However, deciding to move from one country to another can be challenging.

How can a US citizen move to Canada? ›

Services and information
  • Express Entry. Immigrate as a skilled worker.
  • Family sponsorship. Sponsor your relatives, including your spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others to immigrate.
  • Provincial nominees. ...
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers. ...
  • Atlantic Immigration Program. ...
  • Caregivers. ...
  • Start-up Visa. ...
  • Self-employed.
Nov 24, 2022

How do I know if my CanadianVisa is real? ›

What are fake Canadian visas?
  1. 1 Make sure to compare the photograph on the visa with your passport.
  2. 2 Check for any unusual markings or signatures on the visa.
  3. 3 If you find out any inaccuracy in the photograph or other details, contact the issuing country's embassy or consulate for verification.
Jan 31, 2023

Who is the best consultant for Canada study visa? ›

GEPSI Consultancy has assisted thousands of students in obtaining student visa along with the admission in top notch colleges and universities of USA, Canada and New Zealand. We have over 15000 satisfied clients and have been operating from the same location for over Twelve years.

Can I check Canada visa online? ›

If you applied for your visa online, sign in to your account to check your application status. Click “check status and messages” under the “View my submitted applications or profiles” section.

How to check the authenticity of immigration consultant in Canada? ›

The College has an online Public Register of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs). Anyone can use this Public Register to help verify a Canadian immigration consultant's status as a licensee of the College.

How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada? ›

Generally speaking, as an individual applicant, you would need approximately $15,500 CAD to immigrate to Canada. Couples would need around $21,000 CAD while families with children will require between $25,000 to $30,000 CAD.

What is Canada's latest immigration program? ›

The new & improved Canada Immigration Level Plan for 2023-2025 will act as a guide for the number of immigrants - to be welcomed over the coming three years. The immigration goals include growing the economy, reuniting families, and offering asylum to refugees fleeing hardships abroad.

What are some scamming websites? ›

If you've placed an order on the website as follows, please contact the bank and ask for help ASAP.
Mar 13, 2019

Will visa send an alert text? ›

For cardholders in the U.S., transaction alerts can be set for specific transaction amounts, geographies or transaction types (ecommerce, phone and mail orders). Once an alert is triggered, cardholders receive a notification in near real-time via email, text message or push notification.

How do I check if my business visa is valid? ›

  1. Login to (Absher) Portal.
  2. Select (Residents) from the main menu.
  3. Select Visa services from the List of e-services.
  4. Enter the required information, including residence permit number, employer ID number, visual code, visa number and passport number.
  5. The system displays visa information.
Jun 17, 2021

How do I check a licensed immigration consultant? ›

  2. ENTER ONE OF THE BELOW SEARCH ENTRIES AND CLICK ON “SEARCH” Last Name: Zoueiter. First Name: Bassel. ...

Who can I check my visa status? ›

You can check the status of your visa application on If your visa has been denied, you may find useful information on ineligibilities and waivers on

Is Canada immigration legit? ›

The only legitimate website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is Canadian immigration websites never ask for any fees or money. All forms and applications are free to access from the CIC's website.

How can I track my VFS Canada passport in USA? ›

You can track your passport/documents via online/web chat/helpline number/email provided below. To track your passport/documents online, you'll have to enter the Tracking ID number mentioned on the receipt received from the Visa Application Centre, and your Date of Birth.

How do I contact Canadian Embassy from USA? ›

  1. Telephone: 1-844-880-6519.
  2. Fax: (202) 682-7738.
  3. Email:
  4. Hours of operation:
Jul 5, 2022

Is Canadian embassy open in us? ›

The Consulate is open for business Monday through Friday, except on U.S. and Canadian holidays. Our offices are generally open between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. However, most American Citizen and Visa services are by appointment only. All visitors should review the consulate's security procedures and prohibited items.

Can a US citizen retire to Canada? ›

Moving to Canada doesn't mean you need to give up your U.S. citizenship. You can receive Social Security benefits while living in another country, but you will also likely still be subject to U.S. taxes if you earn supplemental income.

How long can a US citizen live in Canada? ›

Most visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada. At the port of entry, the border services officer may allow you to stay for less or more than 6 months.

Is it easy for a US citizen to live in Canada? ›

Generally speaking, moving to Canada is not too difficult. Because Canada is open to welcoming new immigrants and offers several immigration programs, it's easier for you to qualify for one immigration stream. Still, you have to meet the requirements for the pathway you want to apply for.

What happens to my Social Security if I move to Canada? ›

If you have Social Security credits in both the United States and Canada, you may be eligible for benefits from one or both countries. If you meet all the basic requirements under one country's system, you will get a regular benefit from that country.

Can I get healthcare in Canada as a U.S. citizen? ›

Can an American Get Health Insurance in Canada? US citizens living in Canada can purchase the GeoBlue Xplorer plan which offers comprehensive worldwide coverage.

Can I be a dual citizen of the US and Canada? ›

U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one nationality or another. A U.S. citizen may naturalize in a foreign state without any risk to his or her U.S. citizenship.

How long does travel document processing take? ›

The travel document usually arrives within 150 days (sometimes longer) after submitting your application. You can't leave the country until you have your approved travel document in hand, so you should expect to spend the 3–5 months after submitting your green card application in the United States.

How much consultants charge for Canada study visa? ›

The fees for consultants vary from one another. The charge can vary from Rs. 49,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

How much do Canadian student visa consultants charge? ›

Canadian Immigration Consultant Fees
Express Entry
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)$2,500 – $3,500
Study permit application (with no prior refusals)$1,500 – $2,000
Study permit application (with prior refusals)$2,500+ (depends on the particular case, like reason for prior refusal, number of prior refusals, etc)
12 more rows
May 16, 2022

Is it difficult to get a study visa in Canada? ›

When you receive a letter of acceptance from a Canadian school, it might seem like the hard part is over. However, the truth is that it can be a lot harder to get a Canadian study permit than you think. According to information from IRCC, about 30 percent of all study permit applications are refused.

How to apply online for Canada visa? ›

  1. Step 1: Get the documents that show you meet the criteria for a visitor visa. Check the list of documents based on your situation.
  2. Step 2: Apply online. Create an account. Upload your documents. ...
  3. Step 3: Give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) Normally, you need to give biometrics.

How long does it take to get visitor visa for Canada? ›

The processing time for a tourist visa for Canada is a maximum 15 days. The processing time may vary according to the location of the application centre, individual cases and documents submitted.

How do I submit my passport to VFS Canada? ›

In person – You'll have to bring your original passport, passport bio page (2 copies), along with the passport request letter to the Visa Application Centre. To submit your passport at the Visa Application Centre, you'll have to pay a service charge for Package Transmission.

What is the ICCRC website? ›

Website External link for Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Can you immigrate to Canada if you are over 60? ›

There is no specific age limit requirement for any Canadian immigration program.

How much bank balance is required for Canada visa? ›

As per IRCC, you are required to show 10,000cad for a single application, an additional 4,000cad for your spouse, and an additional 3,000cad for each kid that you will bring to Canada.

How much bank balance is required for Canada? ›

Proof of funds is how you show us that you have enough money to settle in Canada. If we invite you to apply, you must give written proof that you have this money.
How much money you'll need.
Number of family membersFunds required (in Canadian dollars)
4 more rows
Jun 15, 2022

Why is Canada accepting more immigrants? ›

Immigrants contribute to the economy and create jobs for Canadians. The strength of Canada's economy is measured in part by the number of people working (known as the labour force) and paying taxes to fund our public services, such as health care.

What benefits do new immigrants get in Canada? ›

I've arrived in Canada — what benefits can I expect?
  • Canada Child Benefit (CCB) ...
  • Goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit. ...
  • Provincial or Territorial Benefits. ...
  • Other Benefits.

How can I immigrate to Canada without a job offer? ›

The following programs do not require a job offer in order to qualify to apply for Canadian permanent residence:
  1. Federal Skilled Worker.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades.
  3. Canadian Experience Class.
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs.
  5. The Family Class.
  6. Entrepreneur Programs.

What is the best immigration consultants in Canada? ›

Rajeev Sharma is one of the best RCIC Regulated Immigration Consultant in Canada having his offices in Edmonton , Alberta and branch office in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan . Over past few years Rajeev Sharma and his team able to help 1000's of clients to migrate to Canada and secure their PR.

Which is the best immigration program for Canada? ›

Express Entry is Canada's fastest and most popular immigration program. Candidates that apply through the Express Entry system can receive permanent residence status as soon as six months. By 2025, Canada plans to invite half a million newcomers.

Can I check Canada Visa online? ›

If you applied for your visa online, sign in to your account to check your application status. Click “check status and messages” under the “View my submitted applications or profiles” section.

How much do Canadian immigration consultants charge? ›

Canadian Immigration Consultant Fees
Express Entry
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)$2,500 – $3,500
Spouse (or common law partner) sponsorship$3,500 – $5,000
Child sponsorship$2,000 – $3,000
Family sponsorship (parents and grandparents)$2,000 – $3,000
11 more rows
May 16, 2022

Which Canadian immigration is easiest to immigrate? ›

Express entry program is popularly known as the easiest way to immigrate to Canada. Recently, the Express Entry Draw score was announced on 15th February, 2023, the score was 791. Once the candidate obtains the score, they can easily start with the Canada PR visa process.

Do I need a consultant to immigrate to Canada? ›

No. The Government of Canada treats everyone equally, whether they use a representative or not. All the forms and information that you need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), visa and/or to immigrate to Canada are available for free on this website.

How much I earn in Canada study visa? ›

How much does a International student make in Canada? The average international student salary in Canada is $59,289 per year or $30.40 per hour.

How do I get a strong study visa for Canada? ›

Building a Strong Canadian Study Permit Application
  1. Proof of Language Proficiency. When you apply to a Canadian institution, you may need to prove that you are proficient in one of Canada's two official languages: English or French. ...
  2. Proof of Acceptance. ...
  3. Proof of Financial Support.
May 27, 2022

Can a US citizen retire in Canada? ›

When moving/retiring in Canada, this doesn't mean you'll need to give up your US Citizenship status. You can receive Social Security benefits while living in another country, but you'll also likely still be subject to US taxes if you earn supplemental income as well.

How can I immigrate to Canada from USA? ›

Services and information
  1. Express Entry. Immigrate as a skilled worker.
  2. Family sponsorship. Sponsor your relatives, including your spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others to immigrate.
  3. Provincial nominees. ...
  4. Quebec-selected skilled workers. ...
  5. Atlantic Immigration Program. ...
  6. Caregivers. ...
  7. Start-up Visa. ...
  8. Self-employed.
Nov 24, 2022


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